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..... ....This famous town, famous in history but turned to the future, offers its visitors a delightful natural setting, with its high plateau dominating the valley, the terraced gardens, thousand red-brick houses, and its main street once paved in stone, now known as the “souq” (market), leading up to the citadel. There is here a most lively social and cultural life. One receives a warm welcome from the 6,500 Druze and Christian inhabitants, who live happily together while practising the traditional crafts for which they are famous, particularly silver work and jewellery. To these delights may be added an agreeable climate, cold with several snowfalls covering the ground in winter, warm but dry in summer, and marked by 290 days of sunshine each year. What could one wish for better?..... ....

Decree N. 2385 of 17/1/1924 as amended by law N. 76 of 3/4/1999 ( articles 2, 5, 15, 49 and 85 ) lays down as follows:
The author of a literary or artistic work, by the very fact of authorship, has absolute right of ownership over the work, without obligation of recourse to formal procedures . The author will himself enjoy the benefit of exploitation of his work, and he possesses exclusive rights of publication and of the reproduction under any form whatsoever. Whether the work in question comes under the public domain or not those persons will be liable to imprisonment for a period of one to three years and to fine of between five and fifty million Lebanese pounds, or to either one of these penalties, who
1-will have appended or caused to be appended a usurped name on a literary or artistic work;
2-will have fraudulently imitated the signature or trademark adopted by an author, with a view to deceiving the buyer;
3-will have counterfeited a literary or artistic work;
4-or will have knowingly sold, received, or put on sale or into circulation a work which is counterfeit or signed with a forged signature.
The punishment will be increased in the event of repetition.