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Tyre - the monuments

..... ....Tyre ultimately became a part of the Roman Empire, and it is the remains of this period that are the most easily visible today. There is a massive Roman and Byzantine necropolis, full of sculptured marble sarcophagi. Many of these bear base-relief scenes from the Odyssey or from the story of Phaedra. To the South of the necropolis there is a vast hippodrome, one of the largest and best-known in Roman times. A good part of the grandstand still survives intact. The town itself was built inland from the Egyptian port (much of which has sadly since disappeared under the waves: but the water is very shallow and the enterprising swimmer can see much with a mask and snorkel). There is a single main street with columns, marble pavement, porticos and baths, as well as a market-place and theatre, which was used as the site for a five-yearly equivalent of the Olympic games. But the ruins are by no means all Roman. There is a cathedral dating from Crusader times. As with many of their buildings, the Crusaders were not at liberty to travel far for buildings materials, and they used what they found on the spot. The cathedral at Tyre is constructed very largely of pink granite columns which had been brought over from Aswan centuries before. And it is under this cathedral, or very close to it, that archeologists hope to find the ruins of the temple of Melkart..... ....

Decree N. 2385 of 17/1/1924 as amended by law N. 76 of 3/4/1999 ( articles 2, 5, 15, 49 and 85 ) lays down as follows:
The author of a literary or artistic work, by the very fact of authorship, has absolute right of ownership over the work, without obligation of recourse to formal procedures . The author will himself enjoy the benefit of exploitation of his work, and he possesses exclusive rights of publication and of the reproduction under any form whatsoever. Whether the work in question comes under the public domain or not those persons will be liable to imprisonment for a period of one to three years and to fine of between five and fifty million Lebanese pounds, or to either one of these penalties, who
1-will have appended or caused to be appended a usurped name on a literary or artistic work;
2-will have fraudulently imitated the signature or trademark adopted by an author, with a view to deceiving the buyer;
3-will have counterfeited a literary or artistic work;
4-or will have knowingly sold, received, or put on sale or into circulation a work which is counterfeit or signed with a forged signature.
The punishment will be increased in the event of repetition.