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The New site is located here: Discover and Explore Lebanon Now ! Discover Lebanon with panorama pictures, tourism tour in Lebanon, guide directory, maps, lebanese forum, posters, chat rooms, weather forecast, Hotels Booking! Enjoy!!!

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.. .... .....The Christians belong to various Catholic and Orthodox Churches of the Eastern rites. As for Muslims, there are Sunnites and Shi’ ites, as well as Druze. Foreign news media and outside efforts to disrupt Lebanon by a so-called civil war have given a totally false impression of the relations between the different religious communities in Lebanon and the visitor can feel totally at ease anywhere. Lebanon is a land whose cities go back to the fifth millennium before Christ. At Baalbek one may see the world’s largest Roman temple complex, while Beiteddine and Deir al-Qamar are a fairyland. Lebanon is a land of such attraction that even during the worst years of the war waged in Lebanon between 1975 and 1990, large numbers of foreign residents could not find it in their hearts to leave it. This will probably be the feeling of every visitor to the land..... ... .. Translate to French

The New site is located here! Lebanon Panorama.com is now Discover Lebanon! Enjoy!

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